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Mersing is not exactly a popular tourist destination in Malaysia as this village is only a gateway to a handful of charming islands. Lies along the South China Sea, Mersing used to be a sleepy fishing village and majority of the population are skillful fishermen and relies on fishing-related industries to earn a living. Back in the olden days, the locals used to live in coastal or riverside fishing villages as well as in some rubber estates. This village is connected by road to Batu Pahat and south to Johor Bahru and Singapore.

Direct buses from the capital city Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Kuantan and Singapore ┬áto Mersing run several times in a day. All the buses will drop off passengers at a shopping centre ‘R&R Plaza’. From this point, visitors can travel on foot to the ferry terminal. Just purchase tickets at the counter and leave for the beautiful tropical islands in South China Sea. The nearest train station is Kluang. Since Mersing is not a major tourist destination in Malaysia, this town is relatively small with only several streets and roundabouts linking all the roads.

If you are up for an adventurous vacation, spend an hour or two to walk around the town. You do not need a cab to drive you around this sleepy small town. Local buses here will only fetch passengers to other nearby towns. Since Mersing is the gateway to several charming islands, you can find travel agents here as they offer various accommodation packages to families and leisure travelers at an affordable rate.

Enjoy a variety of good foods here at Mersing as there are several fast food chains as well as restaurants serving sumptous local delicacies. For those who choose to stay a day in the town, inquire day-tours operated by travel agents here. The tour covers visit to rubber plantations and palm oil plantations. On the other hand, if you are up for water activities, you can also sign up for one-day tour to snorkel around the charming islands. The crime rate here is considered high (considering Mersing is a relatively small town). So stay safe and be alert throughout your trip in Mersing.

The murky beach in Mersing is not an ideal spot for swimming. Air Papan which is located 15 kilometres north of the town is the perfect place for swimming and picnicking. However, it costs about RM15 to get to the beaches. During peak season, Air Papan can be crowded primarily on 1st of May every year as the fun-filled Air Papan Festival is held here. The festival managed to draw a large crowd in May thus,it is advisable for you to book early for accommodation to avoid disappointment.  There are plenty of exciting activities such as cultural shows, food fair and games await you.

During off-peak season, the golden sandy beach and pristine clear water also draw lots of visitors all-year round particularly during weekend and public holidays. On beautiful days with clear sky, visitors can enjoy panoramic view of outline of neighbouring islands.

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